For You Bass Players Out There

by Dave Horn
Billy Sheehan with Steve Vai
So here it is…the 21st century so I thought I would check out ‘twitter’. Besides the high quality tweets coming from an un-named band that apparently runs a cab company with really loud stereos 😉 I came across Billy Sheehan. Billy Sheehan for those unfamiliar with bass players (imagine that!), is considered by many including myself to be the most talented “rock bassist” out there. I have seen him in concert twice at Massey Hall, once with Steve Vai and the G3 tour, and once alone with Vai. Although I have signed up to every fan site I could find, I still manage to miss him when he is in town. Now that I can follow him on twitter I hopefully won’t miss out on any of his future nearby gigs. If anyone is interested in following Billy’s tweets you can sign up here:

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