Brucifer’s CD Reviews – The Darkness – Hot Cakes

by Bruce Middleton

The Darkness - Hot CakesMan … I’ve been soooo looking forward to this release. Maybe too much, because I think I was expecting more. I’ve only listened to it once through now and it’s a really good album …. more in line with their second album than their first though, where I was hoping for the opposite. I love “One Way Ticket To Hell … And Back”, but to me, their first album, “Permission To Land” was absolutely brilliant.

“Hot Cakes” mixes the sound of the first two up pretty well, but the song-writing is more like the second album. It’s really good, and I can see this being a CD that’s just going to get better and better with every listen … some catchy stuff on here. But, I think it’s a situation where you either love The Darkness, or you hate them. This album won’t change anyone’s views. Personally, I love them …. I think it’s a great CD. Justin uses his distinctive falsetto all over the place … and the band sounds incredibly tight. The solos aren’t as in your face as the first album though. I would’ve liked to hear them rip a little more, but it’s the songs that are the important thing, and this album is full of excellent ones. Definitely a keeper. Welcome back Darkness … oh, how we’ve missed you!!

Score : I give this album (on one listen only) a 7 out of 10 …. I’m sure this will climb as I listen to it more

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